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Loan Rates
New Vehicle     2.99% APR
Used Vehicle    4.50% APR
Our maximum financing term is 60 months. 

New and Used Motorcycles   5.90% APR
Our maximum financing term is 60 months. 

​Boats and Watercraft
New and Used Boats and Watercraft   5.90% APR
Our maximum financing term is 60 months.  

​Signature Loans
8.0% APR to 10.0% APR
Our rates and terms are based on the amount you request.  

Farm Equipment
New & Used Farm Equipment  9.50% APR
We finance 100% of the purchase price on new and 90% of the Appraised value on used with terms up to 60 months.

New Lawnmowers and Related Equipment 
9.0% APR
Borrow as little as $250.00 to $7,000.00 with terms to 36 months.

You can borrow money using your savings as collateral at any time. Your rate will be based on the investments securing the loan plus 2.0% over the rate you are earning.

If you need further information on any of our loan products, then contact a representative at the Credit Union at 713-551-0491. We are here to help you with your borrowing needs.

​All Rates are Subject to Change.
Loan Rates
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